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We are Liq

70% of our planet is water and all living beings are made of water. Water is able to create the most incredible shapes and the most bold designs that we can find in nature, water it is also able to change mountains and to take on millions of different shapes


Liq is water, and is the inspiration to create living designs taking advantage of possibilities of 3D printing to transform and create new shapes


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Urban Style


Liq are modern and cosmopolitan style sunglasses, mix from different cultures and styles. Liq are fashion but technology as well. Active personality but with style. We don´t like labels, and water that inspires us  make also to dissolve and mix different trends: cosmopolitan style in constant motion, like water.


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3D Printed

Our glasses are made of poliamide, through laser sintering. Poliamide is a natural material, light, warm and nice and, thanks to 3D printing technology, it allow us to design liquid shapes impossible to produce with conventional materials.


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Contrast between solid and liquid shapes: simple general shapes and fashionable fronts mixed with soft details and organic volumes that melt and that make the function of introducing Liq´s design language.

Designed in Barcelona and produced in Europe with the highest technology of 3D printing and modeling.


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